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They trusted me

Bénédicte Dauteuil-Prevost | November 2021

Thank you very much to Alexandre for this massage which was an extraordinary experience. To use the words of another testimony, very accomplished technique and complete and complex protocol.
I came out re-energized, relaxed, light. I appreciated this very deep treatment, not only for the skin but also for the muscles of the face. And also energy reflex points. Thank you again  and I highly recommend this moment of holistic wellness and wellness.

Sylvie Larose | October 2021

A very good address that I will recommend around me.
Professionalism, quality and above all kindness are at the rendezvous.
And I also advise Marina, who sometimes replaces Alexandre, who is also very efficient.

Vanessa For | January 2021

Extraordinary. Thanks Alexander. Precious moment. Complete technique. It felt like 18 hands were massaging my face. Listening and benevolence marked this moment. To do and especially to redo.

Lisa | July 2020

More than a treatment, Alexandre's massage is a real gymnastic session for the face which, in addition to erasing the signs of stress and fatigue, provides a feeling of well-being and lightness for several days. A revelation ! Many thanks and see you soon!

tania | July 2020

Congratulations to Alexandre who performed the Kobido on my face for an hour that I have never felt so good!! he is a Magician with golden hands as he practices this method with seriousness, great professionalism, benevolence and kindness! I came out of his office blown away!!! I won't let you go Alexandre!!! See you next appointment Big thank you

Mila | July 2020

Alexander's facial massage was an amazing experience Every time! Not only relaxing and meditative but more than that. I could even compare it with some sensations I had experienced while doing an ayahuasca once in Peru. Alexander is highly professional and deeply dedicated. You can't have more from a massage! Highly highly recommended!

Miamar  April 2019

After having passed through the hands of the high priestesses of Paris - J. Ciocco, C. Lehmann, M. De Richeville, it is the incredible techniques of Alexandre that I have chosen. For me definitely the best.
Thank you Alexander

Mathilde Julien | January 2019

Exceptional massage! I came out relaxed, a few days later my face still feels the benefits. Alexandre is very good advice. I highly recommend !

karen | April 2018

An amazing facial treatment! Toning while being relaxing the results are there. We emerge relaxed with soft skin, a plumped face, smoothed wrinkles, refined facial features and a radiant complexion. A pure moment of relaxation and happiness with Alexandre who is very professional and attentive. Just like a sculptor who works the stone to create a work of art, Alexandre works your face to accentuate your natural beauty and make you even more radiant. Thank you very much Alexander!

Gwladys Tanchoux | December 2017

I received a real traditional kobido today. Finally!!, the real one with a capital V. I had already received 2 others but had nothing. The technique is very precise. You can feel the points working, it's very pleasant. facial tension is released. And the most surprising thing is that it acted like acupuncture, because my tongue at the end of the session (I wanted to look out of curiosity) had a nice shape and a nice appearance. What I find when I make the battery. he felt the imbalances on my jaw at the level of my extracted teeth. which made me crazy. Many thanks Alexandre for your excellent work nothing to say. I also agree with the other previous comments. I'm a fan! 

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