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About me

My story

Masseur Kobido Paris

It was at the age of 6 that I was introduced to the secrets of touch by my grandfather, I discovered the practices of Chinese tradition.

JI was a direct student of Dr. S. Mochisuki for the Kobido branch.

I introduced the aesthetic Guasha in France, then in Russia. This therapeutic method widely used in the Chinese tradition then spread throughout Europe.

I was the first to combine Guasha and Kobido in aesthetic massage.

Beyond this know-how, openness of heart, empathy, alignment and benevolence are my fundamental values, always present in my movements.

The face embodies the personality and uniqueness of a person.


It is the mirror of our soul and the reflection of our inner balance. Rebalancing the face is rebalancing the inner beauty of the body.

Massage, as I practice it, helps people to reconnect with their bodies, to awaken deeply buried sensitivities. Through the care it brings to our physical or mental difficulties, this massage invites us to return to introspection, to reconnect with the power of our inner source, with our Being.

Alexandre Thang Masseur Kobido - Guasha - Tuina Paris

My philosophy

A stroke of joy, a stroke of youth. A stroke of sadness, a stroke of old age.

The press talks about it
Magazine Jours de France N°35 (1st Quarter 2022)

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